• Reissue

    Reissue is a re-edition of certificate. Is the repeated issue of SSL which make a certificate available again. To reissue certificate e-mail us:

  • What is required to reissue an ssl certificate?

    The proces for every Certification Authority is a slightly different. Generally speaking, for certificates that where issued for one year you will only need a new CSR file in order to reissue the SSL certificate. For SSL certificates that where purchased for terms longer than a year you will most likely have to go threw the entire validation process again. 

  • What CSR should i use for renewal: old or new one?

    For security reasons you should always use a new CSR for renewal.

  • Can I extend a validation period instead of renewal?

    No, the dates are coded in the certificate and cannot be changed. But you can buy a certificate valid for more than one year.